Featured Mini-Grantee | Friends of Boyd McGuiness Park

Outdoor Programs for Jersey City Residents Boyd McGuiness Park – is deemed by its advocates as the “Best Little Park in Town”– is an oasis for seniors and children. The newly renovated two-acre park at the corner of Duncan Ave and Kennedy Boulevard has doubled in size over the past few years. The Friends of Boyd McGuiness Park provide a broad range of accessible recreation activities for the community. The list includes a children’s playground, a splash-pad, checkers/chess tables, community raised garden boxes, the Little Free Library (free community book sharing), Summer Movies in the Park, and community park cleanup events.   A member of the citywide Jersey City Parks Coalition, the Friends of Boyd McGuiness Park is one of 29 city community groups dedicated to developing a more sustainable [...]

Featured Mini-Grantee | Sgt. Anthony Park Neighborhood Association

Outdoor Activities for Jersey City Residents The Sgt. Anthony Park Neighborhood Association is dedicated to improving the park and its surrounding neighborhood, so that children and adults have a clean, safe place to live, gather and play. The association maintains a Community Garden with managed flowerbeds and community plots for vegetables, and provides Yoga classes in the park during the summer months. In addition, they promote community involvement, working with the City on issues like street cleanliness, local development, tree planting and traffic management.   HealthierJC + Sgt. Anthony Park Neighborhood Association The Sgt. Anthony Park Neighborhood Association mission to provide a greener, safer and healthier outdoor space revitalizes dense urban community environments by restoring park facilities, planting trees, and lobbying to improve the community park experience. The association has [...]

Featured Mini-Grantee | PAFCOM

Helping Jersey City Filipino Residents    The Filipino American population in New Jersey is over 143,000 based on 2018 US Census data. Today, PAFCOM (Philippine American Friendship Community, Inc.) is the biggest not-for-profit organization in the state, led by inspired community leaders with bold, implementable ideas and powered by legions of engaged members coming from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.   PAFCOM's vision is the assimilation of Filipino Americans into the mainstream America, where various ethnic communities coexist and thrive. This vision remains alive by the diverse and benevolent programs sponsored by PAFCOM to support deserving Filipino American residents of Jersey City, as well as those residing in adjacent communities. The core tenants of PAFCOM are as follows: Preserve, promote and celebrate Filipino cultural heritage. Assimilate Filipinos into mainstream [...]

Featured Mini-Grantee | Pershing Field Garden Friends

Outdoor Programs for Jersey City Residents    Pershing Field Garden Friends (PFGF) are the stewards of Pershing Field and work in partnership with the city of Jersey City to maintain and beautify this Journal Square/Heights border park for residents across the city. They are a member of the citywide umbrella organization. The Jersey City Parks Coalition share a mission to preserve and protect our open spaces. PFGF is working with schools and neighborhood organizations to introduce gardening, park beautification, and community involvement. PFGF provides outdoor activities, environment education, and volunteer opportunities for both children & adults. Pershing Field Garden Friends promotes the value of community engagement with nature. From learning about and searching for moths, to planting thousands of flower bulbs in the park – PFGF strives to improve the health [...]

Featured Mini-Grantee | Friends of the Community Awareness Series

Curating Cultural Activities for Jersey City Residents The Friends of the Community Awareness Series provides cultural arts, educational, informational and outreach programs to the Jersey City community. Most notably, they produce the Annual African Cultural Arts Family Festival at Berry Lane Park in Ward F.  The organization also provides music therapy to students, students with disabilities, seniors, community, and veteran organizations across the city. Friends of the Community Awareness Series convene throughout the year to plan and promote cultural family-friendly venues and activities, develop a communal participation strategy, and engage local contributing partners.   HealthierJC + Friends of the Community Awareness Series For Friends of the Community Awareness Series, a Culture of Health means improving the quality of life for Jersey City residents. The organization produces various art, creative and [...]

Featured Mini-Grantee | Canco Park Conservancy

Outdoor Programs for Jersey City Residents Canco Park Conservancy is an open green space venue for community programming. Their mission includes education, restoration, and conservation of open public green space  – while encouraging healthy living. They have a renown  butterfly pollinator garden, and their wildlife habitat restoration efforts include educational opportunities. Canco Park Conservancy  also holds certifications from the Audubon Society, MonarchWatch.org, National Wildlife Federation, and the North American Butterfly Association.   HealthierJC + Canco Park Conservancy For Canco Park Conservancy, building a Culture of Health aligns with their core belief: "... that providing park goers with a visceral experience in a natural open green space environment fosters empathy, inclusivity and respect for each other and the natural world, [which contributes to] the health and welfare of all visitors". Canco Park [...]