Featured Mini-Grantee | Canco Park Conservancy

2022-05-11T15:00:29-04:00May 11th, 2022|

Outdoor Programs for Jersey City Residents Canco Park Conservancy is an open green space venue for community programming. Their mission includes education, restoration, and conservation of open public green space  – while encouraging healthy living. They have a renown  butterfly pollinator garden, and their wildlife habitat restoration efforts include educational opportunities. Canco Park Conservancy  also holds certifications from the Audubon Society, MonarchWatch.org, National Wildlife Federation, and the North American Butterfly Association.   HealthierJC + Canco Park Conservancy For Canco Park Conservancy, building a Culture of Health aligns with their core belief: "... that providing park goers with a visceral experience in a natural open green space environment fosters empathy, inclusivity and respect for each other and the natural world, [which contributes to] the health and welfare of all visitors". Canco Park [...]

Featured Mini-Grantee | Riverview Community Garden

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The Community Garden for All Jersey City Residents Since 1995, Riverview Community Garden has provided gardening opportunities and activities to citizens of all ages and incomes. The Riverview Community Garden Team believes that gardening can build a healthier community. Gardens uplift the mind and rejuvenate the body; therefore, the individual and communal benefits are innumerable. Working in a garden provides cardiovascular exercise, and consuming healthy food builds a strong body. Additionally, the use of medicinal herbs improves health and well-being, and watching plants grow and bloom reduces stress. Participating in a community endeavor increases a sense of belonging, which improves individual quality of life. It is all interconnected and the more people understand these benefits, the better off the Jersey City community will be. A HealthierJC begins with access to [...]

Featured Mini-Grantee | Team Wilderness

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Outdoor learning for Jersey City Teens Team Wilderness is a national nonprofit organization that uses an experiential educational model to teach urban teenagers teamwork, leadership, and character. Team Wilderness is the only wilderness experiential education organization offering programs focusing specifically on Hudson County's most underserved youth. Their programs are affordable for all income levels, since they cater to the youth from the community, they help positively impact the community itself. The mission of Team Wilderness is to grow teamwork, leadership, and character within the urban youth through wilderness excursions. To achieve their mission, Team Wilderness emphasizes striving to be E.T.H.I.C.A.L. in the wilderness and reflecting on its application to life. They are firm believers in Wilderness Therapy and the data shows that it is good for all teens, especially urban ones. They [...]

Featured Mini-Grantee | SAMHIN

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Improving Mental Health Care for South Asians The South Asian Mental Health Initiative and Network (SAMHIN) team consists of mental health clinicians and other professionals who volunteer their time to decrease the stigma and shame associated with mental illness, and offer resources for those seeking help. These volunteers participate in planning, community outreach, public educational events, writing articles, facilitating support groups in support of that mission. Working within the community, SAMHIN develops an understanding of the disparities and deficiencies in legacy mental health care services. In response, they develop programs to increase awareness, improve comprehensive health literacy, decrease stigma, and improve acceptance of mental health care diagnosis, treatment programs and services.   Partnering with HealthierJC to Create a Culture of Mental Health Care for South Asians HealthierJC believes in developing [...]

Featured Mini-Grantee | Sarah’s Daughters

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Domestic Violence Outreach in Jersey City   Based in Jersey City, Sarah's Daughters Domestic Violence Awareness (DVA) Foundation is a network of volunteers from all walks of life: domestic violence survivors, social workers, retired educators, and real estate professionals. The diverse gifts and talents of these volunteers are utilized to support and uplift women struggling with domestic violence circumstances. Once contact is made with Sarah's Daughters, the volunteers assess each client's unique situation and make meaningful connections to address individual needs.   Areas of need addressed may include: Emergency shelter Temporary hotel accommodations Clothing Food Medical attention Other social services Partnering with HealthierJC to Increase Domestic Violence Awareness & Support Victims Sarah's Daughters plays an important role in assisting domestic violence survivors and their children to live peaceful, positive, productive lifestyles, [...]

Featured Mini-Grantee | Mo’Hair Foundation, Inc.

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Building Confidence to Confront a Health Crisis The Mo’Hair Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to assisting adults and children who may have lost their hair due to illness, a catastrophic event such as a fire, or other acute life trauma.  This 501(c)(3) organization works with individuals, businesses, and corporations to help cover the cost of hair replacement for anyone in need. The organization was founded by Monique Smith-Andrews, who has owned and operated Monique’s Techniques, a full-service hair care and beauty salon serving Jersey City since 1988.  She was inspired to help others cope with hair loss when her mother was diagnosed with lymphoma – a cancer of the immune system.  “She lost her hair… and it bothered me that it was bothering her.”  Monique researched options and quickly [...]