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Grants : FAQs2018-03-30T13:50:50-04:00

In order to promote innovation and kick-start worthy initiatives, the Partnership for a HealthierJC offers mini-grants to local organizations that demonstrate the capacity to build coalitions and use best practices to achieve equity across the various social determinants of health. The health actions to be addressed are – Health education and management of chronic illnesses, Health behaviors/sexual activities, Clinical care and access integration, Maternal and child health and Education Community safety and open spaces The projects should focus on making lasting change within their respective communities.

What areas do you serve?2018-02-20T14:14:25-05:00


The mini grants are to serve Jersey City residents. Applicants should serve Jersey City residents or a majority of JC residents. 

What are the funding priorities?2018-02-20T16:39:25-05:00


Priorities for funding must focus on one of the 6 Health Priorities as determined by the Partnership for a Healthier JC program

  1. Health education and management of chronic illnesses
  2. Health behaviors/sexual activities
  3. Clinical care and access integration
  4. Maternal and child health
  5. Education
  6. Community safety and open spaces
Who will recommend and select grant awardees?2018-02-20T16:39:45-05:00


Each health action area is overseen by one of the five core members of the Healthier JC Partnership. Core member agencies will review applications for their respective area and will select the program(s) to be awarded. Applicants will be evaluated based on need, number of people served, targeted health actions, and proven track record of successful projects. 

Health education and management of chronic illnesses – JCHHS

Community Safety and Open Spaces – JCPC

Education – NJCU

Health Behaviors/Sexual Activity – HHS

Maternal and Child Care – Housing Authority

Clinical Care and Access Integration – JCMC

What are some examples of the types of programs funded by partner mini grants through the Partnership for a Healthier JC.2018-02-20T16:41:52-05:00


We encourage grant applicants to be creative.  Innovative programming and ideas are welcome!.  Your program or idea must aim to address one of our health priority areas.  Some ideas are below, but other ideas are welcome:


Community Health Education

Early Childhood Programming

Healthy Eating/Nutrition Initiatives

Healthy Food Pantries

Breastfeeding support

Chronic &/or Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention/Education Programs


Training for Service Providers and Non-Profits

Health & Safety in Open Spaces

Community Safety Initiatives

Mental Health Training/Education

Youth Health Support Services & Programs  

Who is eligible to apply for mini grants?2019-01-18T15:20:15-05:00


Applicants must be a 501©3 not-for-profit serving majority Jersey City residents. (In other words, it’s okay if your agency serves some people outside of Jersey City but the majority of your clientele should be Jersey City residents.)

Applicants must also Join the Partnership on this website and actively contribute by listing your events and services. 

Applicants are eligible for one grant per 12 month period. So, if you received a grant in June 2018, your organization is not eligible for this round of grants.

What are the other grant requirements?2018-02-20T16:37:51-05:00


Grantees will be required to submit all applications and supporting financial documentation by stated deadlines.  Grantees will be required to include provided logos and sponsorship designation and all event/program publicity and peripherals identifying the Partnership for a #HealthierJC as a funder. 

What are the deadlines to apply?2019-01-18T15:31:05-05:00


We will begin accepting Grant Applications for the Second Round of mini-grants on Friday, March 1, 2019.

All applications & supporting materials are due by Friday, April 12, 2019.

Applications/materials received after April 12th will not be processed.

When will grants be awarded?2019-01-18T15:01:13-05:00


The second round of mini grants will be awarded in June of 2019.

What are the grant award amounts?2019-01-18T15:02:31-05:00

Mini-grants range from $500 to $2,500. 

This grant period, a total of $30,000 will be awarded in mini-grants. 

You may apply for a $500 grant, a $1,000 grant or a $2,500 grant.  Please note the amount you are seeking in your grant application.