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Grants : FAQs2023-04-21T14:09:54-04:00

In order to promote innovation and kick-start worthy initiatives, the Partnership for a HealthierJC offers mini-grants to local organizations that demonstrate the capacity to build coalitions and use best practices to achieve equity across the various social determinants of health. The health actions to be addressed are – Health Education and Management of Chronic Illnesses, Health Behaviors/Sexual Activities, Clinical Care and Access Integration, Maternal and Child Health, Education, & Community Safety and Open Spaces. The projects should focus on making lasting change within their respective communities.

What areas do you serve?2023-04-21T14:27:54-04:00


The Mini Grants are earmarked to serve lower income Jersey City neighborhoods. Applicants should serve Jersey City residents or a majority of JC residents. 

What are the funding priorities?2023-04-21T14:48:53-04:00


Priorities for funding must focus on one of the 6 Health Priorities, as determined by the Partnership for a Healthier JC program. Visit the Health Actions Tab to read about each priority in full.

  1. Health Education and Management of Chronic Illnesses
  2. Health Behaviors/Sexual Activities
  3. Clinical Care and Access Integration
  4. Maternal and Child Health
  5. Education
  6. Community Safety and Open Spaces
Who will recommend and select grant awardees?2023-04-28T09:37:26-04:00


Each health action area is overseen by HHS/HealthierJC Division Leads, indicated below. This review team will evaluate & grade all applications submitted to determine Mini Grant award recipients. Applications will be evaluated based on need, number of people served, targeted health actions, and proven track record of successful projects. 

Health Education and Management of Chronic Illnesses: Division of Community Health & Wellness

Health Behaviors/Sexual Activity: Division of Disease Prevention

Clinical Care and Access Integration: Division of Disease Prevention

Maternal and Child Care: Division of Food & Nutrition / (WIC) Women & Infant Children

Education: Division of Community Health & Wellness

Community Safety and Open Spaces: Division of Injury Prevention

What are some examples of the types of programs funded by partner mini grants through the Partnership for a Healthier JC.2023-04-28T08:59:16-04:00


We encourage Mini Grant applicants to be creative.  Innovative programming and ideas are welcome!  Your program or idea must aim to address one of our health priority areas:

  1. Health Care Access and Integration
  2. Community Safety and Open Spaces
  3. Health Education
  4. Management of Chronic Illnesses
  5. Sexual Activity
  6. Maternal and Child Health

You might want to check out our Blog page, which features stories highlighting previous HealthierJC Mini Grant Funded programs. Go to the “Blog” tab on this website or click here:

Who is eligible to apply for mini grants?2023-04-21T14:57:31-04:00


Applicants must be a 501©3 not-for-profit serving majority Jersey City residents. (In other words, it’s okay if your agency serves some people outside of Jersey City but the majority of your clientele should be Jersey City residents.)

Applicants must also Become A Partner for a HealthierJC on this website and actively contribute by listing your events and services.  Sign up here:

What are the other grant requirements?2023-05-03T14:19:54-04:00


Grantees will be required to submit all applications and supporting financial documentation by stated deadlines. 


Grantees will be required to include provided logos and sponsorship designation and all event/program publicity and peripherals identifying the Partnership for a #HealthierJC as a funder. Failure to include required logos on Mini Grant funded programs shall result in funding forfeiture.


All HealthierJC funded events must be posted by the partner to the HealthierJC calendar. 

What are the deadlines to apply?2023-05-01T16:12:25-04:00


We will begin accepting Grant Applications for this Grant Cycle on Monday, May 1st, 2023.

All applications & supporting materials are due by Thursday, May 25th, 2023.

Applications/materials received after May 25th will not be processed.

When will grants be awarded? / When will funding arrive?2023-04-28T09:08:47-04:00


This round of mini grants will be awarded in July of 2023.


50% of funding will be provided once the grant is approved. The remaining 50% will be received upon completion of Mini Grant funded activities and timely submission of required reports.

Grant funded programs must be completed by September 30th, 2023.

Final Reports are due no later than October 15th, 2023

What are the grant award amounts?2023-04-21T15:13:01-04:00


Mini-grants range from $2,500 to $10,000. 

This grant period, a total of $300,000 will be awarded in mini-grants. 

You may apply for a $2,500 grant, a $5,000 grant or a $10,000 grant.  Please note the amount you are seeking in your grant application.  

Applicants applying for $10,000 grant awards will be required to complete additional forms per the City of Jersey City’s procurement policy.

Who is NOT eligible to apply for mini grants?2023-04-21T15:17:30-04:00


Ineligible Organizations:

Non-profits with a budget of one million dollars or more are not eligible.

Any CBO that has received grant and/or event sponsorship funding from HealthierJC in this calendar year. So, if you received a grant this calendar year 2023, your organization is not eligible for this round of grants.


Any prior grantee that failed to provide prior grant 2019 reporting by deadline are ineligible for this round of funding.

Any CBO that failed to honor prior event sponsorship funding agreements with HHS.

What is the Grant Period?2023-04-21T15:19:41-04:00


Grant funded programs must be completed by September 30th, 2023.


Final Reports are due October 15th, 2023. 

(Mini Grant Awardees shall receive the Final Report Document, mid-cycle.)