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Grants : Eligibility2019-04-15T03:13:11-04:00
  • All requests for funding must be made using the Requests for Funding to Support Coalition Activities form and submitted electronically.
  • All funding allocation will start at $500 with additional funding available with proper justification.
  • All programs/initiatives will be awarded to local organizations that demonstrate the capacity to build coalitions and use best practices to achieve equity across the various social determinants of health.
  • All approved requests must be clearly aligned with the HealthierJC mission and vision.
  • The Steering Committee reserves the right to make adjustments to the request and/or request amendments based on the discussion generated at the public meetings.
  • Final decisions for funding will be made by a consensus vote by all active Steering Committee members. (Steering Committee members will be recused from the vote if their organization is the one requesting funding or if there is a perceived conflict of interest.)
  • Any funding request that includes staff time must clearly justify how the time will be used and why that particular staff person is needed (e.g. it should not be for something that could be reasonably done by volunteers or existing coalition partners).
  • Organizations who acquire funding via the HealthierJC Partnership must provide regular progress reports at the annual coalition meetings.

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