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Grants : Overview2020-01-17T09:30:48-05:00

The Partnership for a HealthierJC offers mini-grants to our partners in order to promote innovation and kick-start worthy initiatives. These mini-grants are for local organizations that demonstrate the capacity to build coalitions and use best practices to achieve equity across the various social determinants of health.  $30,000 in total, will be awarded in this grant period.  You may apply for a mini-grant in the following denominations:  $500, $1,000 or $2,500. 

The six focus areas are:

  1. Health Care Access and Integration
  2. Community Safety and Open Spaces
  3. Health Education
  4. Management of Chronic Illnesses
  5. Sexual Activity
  6. Maternal and Child Health

The focus areas mentioned above, and outlined in the following pages, were selected after an extensive analysis of Jersey City’s health and population data. While the HealthierJC coalition members will lead the effort to create awareness and coordinate implementation of the selected action steps our community partner organizations will lead the efforts on the ground.


Would you like to apply for a grant with the Healthier JC initiative?       to apply for a grant.    Already a partner? Sign in here.