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A Healthier Jersey City begins with strong community Partnerships. 

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Why should you become a partner?

All too often, great organizations are doing great things in silos.  In the health arena, service providers are often overwhelmed by meeting the needs in our community with little funding and scarce resources to promote important initiatives.

Upon award of the Culture of Health Grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/NJHI, the Core Team of the Partnership for a Healthier JC set out to use the funding in a way that would provide needed support to our amazing health providers, social service agencies and other health champions in our community.  First, we researched our top urgent health needs and developed an action plan to address them.  Second, we committed to developing a one-stop online shop for all things health and that, is this website.  The HealthierJC website is an online community where partners can ‘meet’ other agencies with similar goals, promote your organization and post your events to increase awareness, engagement and participation.  It is place where our community can go to access urgent health information, local events and agencies committed to health.  It is a place where providers can apply for needed mini grants to sustain your work. 

Join the Partnership today!  As a HealthierJCpartner, you will have a unique platform to showcase your organization, its mission and goals and you’ll be able to connect with other organizations.

  • The HealthierJC Website is a free marketing tool for health providers, non-profits, and local businesses* to promote your organization’s events.
  • As a HealthierJC partner, you will become eligible to apply for grants on our site.
  • Joining the partnership is a public commitment to working together to promote a greater culture of health in Jersey City.

The strength of our partnership depends on you!  Becoming a Partner doesn’t cost anything, but the gains are invaluable.  You will make meaningful connections.  You will have free marketing.  You will become eligible for grants.  You will be informing the public of your good work and services.  

*NOTE: While we recognize that there are many responsible local businesses, licensed to sell controlled substances that can be addictive (ie: tobacco, liquor, recreational cannabis, etc), these types of establishments are not eligible for HealthierJC Partnership. From time to time, we will consider promoting events sponsored by these types of establishments if/when the events educate about the dangers of addictions.  If your business is sponsoring an educational event, such as this, email your flyer to for consideration.  

(Only Licensed MEDICAL Cannabis Dispensaries may apply to Become a HealthierJC Partner)

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