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How Healthier JC was formed:

Healthier JC was established in 2014 and began as a partnership, development, and branding office of the Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services. That year the Healthier JC office applied for a Building a Culture of Health grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and New Jersey Health Initiatives.

Healthier JC will help address health concerns. These health priorities include monitoring Hudson County’s health ranking,  improving access to primary care physicians and mental health providers, facilitating sustainable management of chronic illnesses, preventing and addressing sexually transmitted diseases, enhancing maternal/child health, expanding health education, addressing property reevaluation, and responding to crime and violence.

The Partnership for a HealthierJC team believes in proactively reducing these health disparities and improving health equity.

The Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services is a public agency that strives to build a culture of health. Through the department’s divisions, this multi-purpose public health agency will provide the services needed to promote overall health in the community. Which includes health education, disease prevention, a child care clinic, consumer safety, environmental health, senior affairs, and nutrition services.

#HeathierJC is a great way to create relationships with the community to successfully improve their health through different social spheres. The Jersey City Health Department is at the forefront of change and believes building a platform where Jersey City residents can effortlessly find resources is a great way promote health in the city. Creating relationships with the community is critical to addressing public health needs and the success of #HealtheirJC.