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The focus areas were selected after an extensive analysis of health and population data. While the HealthierJC key coalition members will lead the effort to create awareness and coordinate implementation of the selected action steps, community organizations will lead the efforts on the ground. Enacting positive change is a community-driven effort.


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WIC Office Hours

City Hall Annex- Clinic Entrance

April 22, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

It’s Your Move Seniors

Maureen Collier Senior Center Joseph Connor Center

April 22, 10:30 am - 2:00 pm

17th Annual Downtown JC Farmers Market!

Grove PATH Plaza Fitzgerald-Holota Memorial Plaza

April 22, 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

17th Annual Downtown JC Farmers Market!

Grove PATH Plaza Fitzgerald-Holota Memorial Plaza

April 22, 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Special Announcements

Apr 22

Health Summit

SAVE THE DATES – Nov 1st & 2nd – for our Jersey City Health Summit “Presenting Power Tools to Increase Health Equity”- 10 Divisions of JCHHS will highlight powerful tools for community & partners to increase health equity citywide. Empower yourself w/ tools for a #HealthierJC





Apr 22

2023 Mini-Grants!!!!!

BIG NEWS!!! Calling All Non-Profits Serving Jersey City!

The 2023 #HealthierJC Mini-Grant Program is live NOW!

Award levels: $2,500 ~ $5,000 ~ $10,000

Applications are due May 25th! To apply, go to:

Apr 22

Find Help with the HealthierJC Social Services Portal!


Do you find it difficult or overwhelming to search for basic resources like Healthcare Services, Food or Housing?


If you answered yes, then we are here to help! We partnered with Find Help (formerly the company Aunt Bertha) to better connect our residents to the services they need.


Presenting  Find Help –a social services search engine to connect you to the resources you need, right here in Jersey City.


Just enter your Zip Code and start exploring!

Apr 22

Follow HealthierJC on Twitter


Thank you for visiting our HealthierJC Partner Portal!


For live updates on health events & communicable disease response,

be sure to follow us on Twitter at #HealthierJC 


Apr 22

Our JC Division of Disease Prevention provides STD testing, diagnosis treatment, education & referrals for all, ages 13 & up. HIV screening is also available. NO COST for services. Call the City Clinic at 201-547-5535 for appointments & information. #GYT for a #HealthierJC


Aug 8

Congratulations to our 2019 2nd round of mini-grantees!


Click “Read more” for the full list.

Oct 3

Mini-Grant Award Announcements


Congratulations to our first round of mini-grantees!

Alzheimer’s New Jersey – $2,500 Award
Character Enrichment Society – $2,500
Church World Services – $2,500
Farms in the Heights – $2,500
Haven Community Respite – $840
Jackson Hill Main Street Management Corporation – $2,500
Riverview Neighborhood Association – $2,500
Safe Streets JC – $2,500
Samuel R. Shelton VFW Post 2294 – $2,500
Sgt. Anthony Park Neighborhood Association – $2,500
Women Rising – $2,050


To learn more about how these partners will use their grant awards to address Jersey City’s Urgent Health Priorities, visit our award section



The Partnership for a Healthier JC team believes that reducing these health disparities and improving health equity requires collaboration.
What does building a culture of health mean to us? This is what our partners have to say:

  • Health thrives in communities where there is equitable access to care and civic pride and place-making take center stage.

    Maryanne Kelleher

    Project Director, Partnership for a HealthierJC

    Jersey City Department of Health & Human Services

  • Safe and well maintained open spaces become resident’s best resource for healthy recreation, passive reflection, farmers markets and community building arts and entertainment events.

    Mory Thomas

    Vice President

    Jersey City Parks Coalition

  • A culture of health to me is bridging the gap for people who need help identifying health needs, finding support, and taking steps to improve regardless of race, ethnicity and/or income.

    Stacey L. Flanagan


    Jersey City Department of Health & Human Services

  • The acceptance by the majority that health of the community is a fundamental societal goal, and therefore through partnership and collaborative relationship specific outcomes will be pursued to positively impact the population.

    Kwaku Gyekye

    Administrative Director

    Population Health Jersey City Medical Center/RWJBarnabas Health

  • Increasing our efforts to educate and empower the culturally diverse populations of Jersey City moving everyone towards a greater sense of overall wellbeing.

    Linda Ivory Green

    Director of Community Health & Wellness

    Jersey City Department of Health & Human Services

  • “Building a culture of health means having access to preventative healthcare. This, alone, can greatly enhance an individual’s quality of life!”

    Inez Anderson

    Director of Disease Prevention

    Jersey City Department of Health & Human Services

  • “Building a culture of health means that residents are able to recognize positive actions, and barriers to a healthier life, physically, mentally, and spiritually. And that residents are empowered to take actions towards a healthier self, healthier communities, and healthier institutions.”

    Paul Bellen-Boyer

    Health Officer

    Jersey City Department of Health & Human Services

  • Building a culture of health means that we are finding creative ways to keep our seniors active, healthy, and connected. With activities such as food shopping, field trips, and recreation classes at the centers, the seniors are able to socialize with others and stay active. This helps them to be able to live a more enriched life and maintain independent living for as long as possible.

    Joan Eccleston

    Director of Senior Affairs

    Jersey City Department of Health & Human Services

  • As a lifelong resident of Jersey City, I value the opportunity to build a culture of health for our most vulnerable populations, providing meaningful Injury Prevention programs that support individual health & wellness.

    Cynthia Vazquez

    Director, Division of Injury Prevention

    Jersey City Department of Health & Human Services

  • Building a Culture of Health means building a foundation for nutrition and wellness through nutrition education, adapting to the needs of the community, being sensitive to cultural needs, and providing meals and resources to the underserved members of the community because every individual deserves the opportunity to have access to healthy food.

    Offer Cohen

    Director, Division of Food & Nutrition

    Jersey City Department of Health & Human Services

  • Building a Culture of Health requires a commitment to meaningful research dedicated to inform efficient and effective prevention strategies and treatment practices.

    Yung-Wei Dennis Lin, Ph.D

    Assistant Professor

    Counselor Education Department/NJCU

For current health updates from HealthierJC, NJDOH, NJOEM, the CDC & Hudson Regional Health Commission, check out our X Ticker below: