Featured Mini-Grantee | Act Now Foundation

Cognitive Vitality for Jersey City Seniors The Act Now Foundation (ANF) is dedicated to providing Senior Cognitive Vitality Education for a twofold purpose.  First, to maintain and extend cognitive capabilities during later stages of life, and second, to prevent the onset and progression of brain disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and variant forms of dementia.   Cognitive Vitality Education is focused on a balanced approach to prevent, slow, and possibly reverse mental decline due to aging.  Seniors are introduced to the following lifestyle factors that are proven to have a positive impact on brain health: Continuous Learning Physical Activity Personal Connection Nutrition Sleep Sense of Empowerment   Partnering with HealthierJC to Create a Culture of Cognitive Senior Wellness In June 2019, ANF ben to conduct a series of ten (10) 60-minute [...]

Featured Mini-Grantee | Good Grief, Inc

Supporting Our Jersey City Children in Grief The NY Life Foundation estimates that 1 in 7 Americans will lose a parent or sibling before the age of 25.  And according to Good Grief, this translates to over 280,000 grieving children and adolescents under the age of 18 in the state of New Jersey.  So that no child has to ever grieve alone, Good Grief provides free, innovative, and comprehensive bereavement care through family coaching, peer support, education, and advocacy. Childhood bereavement is an adversity like neglect, abuse, and abandonment.  Grief can have physiological ramifications that lead to toxic stress, which can even change the architectural reconstruction of a child's brain. Social, emotional, and cognitive development can be impaired, resulting in unhealthy behaviors that manifest as obesity, substance abuse, heart disease and diabetes.  Bottomline [...]