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Featured Mini-Grantee | Vulcan Pioneers of Newark

2024-06-05T09:34:13-04:00June 5th, 2024|

Helping Jersey City Youth Understand Community Safety

Vulcan Pioneers of Newark is a nonprofit organization focused on public and fire safety. It is composed of volunteer minority fire fighters who inform community members about violence prevention, fire safety, and developing safe/fun activities for the community. Members also visit Jersey City schools to educate and open the doors for young people interested in firefighting careers. These veterans explain the certifications and training needed to become a firefighter, as well as the physical and emotional traits that make for a good firefighter. 

+ Vulcan Pioneers of Newark

For the Vulcan Pioneers of Newark, building a Culture of Health means ensuring community access to resources, such as food, clothes, and safe living environments. People should feel secure in their neighborhoods knowing they can access necessities and safely participate in neighborhood activities. It encourages healthy social interaction, coupled with situational awareness to prevent violence and build a sustainable Culture of Health. The mental, physical, or environmental health of all residents is influenced by how well community members interact with one another. Through lectures, events, and other activities, the Vulcan Pioneers hope to educate people about the value of environmental safety.

In awarding the mini-grant, HealthierJC acknowledged the ongoing contribution of Vulcan Pioneers of Newark in advancing a Culture of Health by engaging, educating, and empowering families in all Jersey City neighborhoods.
How was the Mini-Grant used?

Thanks to the HealthierJC mini-grant, the Vulcan Pioneers of Newark presented a free workshop titled “Establish Command” on August 6, 2023.  Participants heard firsthand accounts of fire emergency responses, steps to mitigate harm to life and property, and ways to deescalate high-risk situations. The Vulcan Pioneers explained how a carelessly built fire, tossing a cigarette that is not fully extinguished, or faulty electrical wiring could have grave consequences.  They also stressed the importance of reaching out to local fire departments, police departments, health clinics, and food banks for support when members of the community are in need. 

Through the “Establish Command” workshop, Vulcan Pioneers of Newark connected with the community, gaining insights into residents’ pain points, safety concerns and quality-of-life priorities. Fifteen minority, low-income youth, male and female, in Ward F were in attendance.  Several of them expressed an interest in becoming municipal firefighters, and took the opportunity to interact one-on-one with the Vulcan Pioneers. This dialogue helped to clarify that being a firefighter isn’t all about fires, but rather a commitment to protecting the community you serve.

Moving forward…

The HealthierJC mini-grant provided an opportunity for firefighters to step outside of their comfort zone and reconnect with the communities they have pledged to serve and protect.

This group of minority firefighters understands the importance of taking action in economically challenged communities of color. Moving forward, the Vulcan Pioneers of Newark will seek out and create more events that engage at-risk populations to prevent harm, educate, and contribute to a Culture of Health in Jersey City.

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