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Featured Mini-Grantee | The WE Project

2023-01-17T10:15:59-05:00January 17th, 2023|

Food for Jersey City Residents

The WE Project is a community based organization that feeds the Jersey City community. The WE Project promotes healthy eating and living by providing access to wholesome food on a weekly basis by feeding approximately 200 families per week and distributing food to 15- 20 different organizations.


HealthierJC + The WE Project

The WE project, fundamentally believes that you shouldn’t have to struggle to eat healthy. To attain a Culture of Health, people should not regularly consume food packaged in a bag or box that is full of chemicals, and as a consequence, will likely lead to health complications. In a country full of healthy choices, everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food options. As a society, the WE Project feels strongly that we must stop turning a blind eye to the basic needs of other human beings – and do something. The WE Project is committed to stepping up, making a difference, and doing something to improve the availability of nutritional food in all Jersey City neighborhoods.

The WE Project program closely aligns with the HealthierJC mission to attain health equity through community fellowship, and education.  In awarding the mini-grant, HealthierJC acknowledged the contribution of the WE Project in advancing a Culture of Health throughout Jersey City.


A Helping Hand during the Pandemic

Pre-Covid, the WE Project would typically distribute food for 150-200 families per week. However, when the pandemic hit, existing food sources were depleted which severely limited weekly Jersey City distribution. And as their pandemic capabilities dwindled, the WE Project began to receive calls from seniors and people with comorbidities that were afraid to go out and shop.


Thanks to the HealthierJC mini-grant, the WE Project was able to purchase food from alternative sources to resume their support of families, as well as respond to the needs of panicked homebound residents. The WE Project assembled and distributed 150 resident food bags over six consecutive weeks to residents – children, seniors, men and women – in Jersey City Heights. Masks and gloves were also provided to help residents adapt to Covid-19 safety protocols.


Moving Forward…

Another causality of the pandemic was the cancellation of critical fund raising activities. To move forward, the WE Project is focusing on rebuilding the volunteer organization and adding to the active donor list. As they retool, the WE Project intends to expand their lens to promote healthy eating, living and community behavior.

In addition to feeding the community, the organization will seek to prevent the progression of diseases later in life due to unhealthy eating. To minimize discarding of food when there are people going to bed hungry, they want to work more proactively with local businesses. And to expand community outreach, the WE Project is planning to secure a mobile unit, and establish a pantry and resource center where people can pick up food on an as needed basis.

Stay tuned for future collaborations between HealthierJC and WE Project that promote healthy eating, deliver nutritious food, and advocate local food rescue and recovery.


For more information on the WE project, please visit the organization’s website at