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Featured Mini-Grantee | Sarah’s Daughters

2021-11-08T14:03:39-05:00October 29th, 2021|

Domestic Violence Outreach in Jersey City


Based in Jersey City, Sarah’s Daughters Domestic Violence Awareness (DVA) Foundation is a network of volunteers from all walks of life: domestic violence survivors, social workers, retired educators, and real estate professionals. The diverse gifts and talents of these volunteers are utilized to support and uplift women struggling with domestic violence circumstances. Once contact is made with Sarah’s Daughters, the volunteers assess each client’s unique situation and make meaningful connections to address individual needs.  

Areas of need addressed may include:

  • Emergency shelter
  • Temporary hotel accommodations
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Medical attention
  • Other social services

Partnering with HealthierJC to Increase Domestic Violence Awareness & Support Victims

Sarah’s Daughters plays an important role in assisting domestic violence survivors and their children to live peaceful, positive, productive lifestyles, free of fear, control, and intimidation in Jersey City. The Partnership for a HealthierJC appreciates our meaningful partnership with Sarah’s Daughters to insure greater health for Domestic Violence victims & survivors.

Working in conjunction with HealthierJC, Sarah’s Daughters held their first domestic violence walk, bringing survivors and supporters together, to walk in memory of those who lost loved ones due to domestic violence, and to let survivors know that they are not alone. This walk began at Triangle Park and ended at the Bethune Center, where participants were provided lunch and gift bags. This event was the first of its kind, sponsored in partnership with HealthierJC & Sarah’s Daughters to bring awareness to Domestic Violence through different activities, increasing advocacy, promoting outreach… and there is more to come!

Program Results

Thanks to the HealthierJC mini-grant funding to Sarah’s Daughters, the organization was able to sponsor the Domestic Violence Awareness Walk, Workshop, Luncheon & Conference and Toy Drive. Sarah’s Daughters is working diligently and effectively to raise awareness of domestic violence within our community.

The Domestic Violence Awareness Walk was attended by over 200 women, including Sarah’s Daughters volunteers, HealthierJC staff, local organizations like the Lincoln High School cheerleaders, and community activists throughout Hudson County. During the walk, women and men alike shouted: “Enough is enough! We are not going to take it anymore!” This rallying cry served to empower Domestic Violence victims and exhibited the broader community’s commitment to ending domestic violence in our city.

In total, HealthierJC funded a total of four (4) events with Sarah’s Daughters that took place in Jersey City Wards A and F. The focus of all these events included healing the spirit, soul, and body of those impacted by domestic violence.

Sarah’s Daughters workshops, conferences, and support groups always provide a safe place where Domestic Violence clients are given the support and encouragement needed to promote increased health and wellness. Workshops are conducted by professionals from various social service organizations and those who work in law enforcement. Workshop topics and activities include:

  • Open panel discussion on red flags and warning signs of an abuser
  • Discussion of the impact of domestic violence on victims, children, and community
  • Information on victim’s rights, restraining orders, safe exit strategies from an abusive relationship, and related resources
  • Q&A providing deeper insight into intimate partner abuse
  • Self-affirmation exercises where women were encouraged to look in a mirror and say “she is beautiful”
  • Distribution of Domestic Violence Awareness Information packets
  • Participants contributed toys for donation to over 500 children impacted by DV

Sarah’s Daughters provides one on one counseling and support groups, as domestic violence impacts the mental health of all involved.

Annual events, like the the Purple Ribbon Chronicles, allows survivors to have a platform where they are invited to share stories of survival. Other annual events include the DVA Walk, Toy Drive and Thanksgiving Baskets Drive for DV survivors.

During Sarah’s Daughters events, some women find the courage to regain control of their lives and leave abusive relationships, while others remain engaged long-term to help empower others. Sarah’s Daughter’s consistent focus is on the mental and physical well-being of clients.

For Sarah’s Daughters Building a Culture of Health means supporting every Domestic Violence victim and ensuring that each is validated and empowered in their hometown of Jersey City. HealthierJC is excited about the strong foundation built in partnership with Sarah’s Daughters and we look forward to their continued growth and positive impact in Jersey City.

For more information about this HealthierJC grantee – Sarah’s Daughters – contact Ms. Bertha Reels at (732) 318-4116 or email for assistance.