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Featured Mini-Grantee | Enosis Leadership Network

2024-05-09T14:33:28-04:00May 9th, 2024|

 Nurturing Community Leadership

The primary goal of Enosis the Leadership Network is to develop knowledgeable and positive influential leaders in the communities where they live.  The organization targets minorities, women, low income, and underserved populations and believes in education to promote ideas, entrepreneurialism, and business ventures.

 Enosis the Leadership Network works with individuals and small businesses to:

  • Provide instruction and strategies for commitment, perseverance, tenacity, and resilience
  • Assist in opening businesses, discovering career paths, reaching goals, and finding true passions
  • Be a resource to heal broken communities, build prosperous enterprises, and attain generational wealth
  • Provide opportunities to grow, expand, and mature personally and professionally


HealthierJC + Enosis the Leadership Network

For Enosis the Leadership Network, building a Culture of Health means providing education and resources that help Jersey City residents build successful lives and contribute to healthy communities. With the high rates of violence and gang activity in Jersey City it is vital to implement programs, activities, and events that provide an alternate path to overcome systemic poverty.

Enosis the Leadership Network has a proven track record of helping young people confront the challenges of gang violence, crime, and dysfunctional home circumstances. In alignment with HealthierJC priorities, Enosis understands the importance of creating safe spaces within communities, allowing residents to learn, grow, build leadership skills, pursue a career, and realize dreams.

How was the Mini-Grant Used?

With the mini-grant funds, Enosis the Leadership Network hosted and contributed to three events in 2023:

  • Speak Workshop | June 24 at 435 MLK Drive, Jersey City

The goal of the SPEAK workshop was to introduce attendees to public speaking and the role of the “subject matter expert.” During SPEAK individuals were asked to describe their dream job and cite subjects of interest related to that job.

  • Mission Conference | July 7-8 at the Hilton East Brunswick Hotel

The Misson Conference is a major annual event for Enosis the Leadership Network. It was marketed to more than 10,000 small businesses in Jersey City, and brought in educational leaders, influencers, and business owners to share the fundamentals of running a business. Enosis also paid for 10 emerging entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 to attend the event.

Topics included real estate, nonprofits, mental health and leadership, publishing books, project management, government contracts, technology, media, accounting, operating a franchise, and more.

  • Young Emerging Leaders Career Day | September 13 at the Jersey City Theater Center

Enosis the Leadership Network collaborated with two other organizations—Craft Your Dream and 3merge—to produce the Young Emerging Leadership (YEL) Career Day. This event offered resumé building and financial literacy workshops and featured both small business owners and successful entrepreneurs. Attendees also engaged in mock job interviews, as well as an assessment of priorities and prospects for financial stability and outlined pragmatic ways to overcome obstacles.


Making a Difference…

“The mantra we live by is, ‘Think mission not competition.’
We are looking to nurture young people who are dedicated to serving and
making a positive community impact”
— Project Coordinator Chelsey Brunson

Young Emerging Leaders gained skills to boost their confidence and prepare them for their futures and were given resources to structure and guide their career paths,” Brunson said.

At the Mission Conference, a member of a Jersey City nonprofit said he received information that was “priceless.” Another Jersey City resident said that the conference motivated her to buy a home, become a landlord, and publish her poetry! A young man from Jersey City was inspired to pursue his dream career, despite discouragement from several peers.

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