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What services do we provide?

I am a licensed massage therapist and a MELT Method instructor who founded ZenJoy Zest to share the benefits of massage and MELT Method with individual clients and groups. I use therapeutic massage techniques to assist individuals who have muscular and soft tissue conditions. I teach MELT method classes to groups and individuals. MELT method is a simple self-care technique using soft balls and rollers. It eliminates chronic pain, re-hydrates the connective tissue and calms the nervous system.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to ZenJoy Zest as an organization?

The frustration of coping with chronic pain and stress can lead people to take actions that harm others or turn to unhealthy habits to cope. By providing healthier ways for people to alleviate chronic pain and reduce stress, ZenJoy Zest can contribute to creating a culture of health in Jersey. People who are free of pain are able to share their zen, joy and zest with the community.

Owner of ZenJoy Zest

Contact Details:

104 Zabriskie Street

Jersey City, NJ 07307