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About Our Partnership with

What services do we provide?

Transformation and Life Purpose Coach, Healer & Trainer
"I empower women to feel expansive in all areas of their lives through a transformative journey of healing and self-love!"

Services offered:
1:1 Life Coaching Program
Group Program: Grief Support
Customized Healing Workshops
Sisterhood Community Circle
Corporate Trainer
NOTE: I leverage various energetic healing modalities

To book a free complementary 30 minute assessment call:

What does building a Culture of Health mean to PATHWAYS TO HOLISTIC LIFE LLC as an organization?

I was fortunate to meet with Maryanne Kelleher at a local community event in Jersey City. I was impressed seeing the organization's support for the event and really impressed with their open offer to collaborate with other partners. My own core values of connection, compassion and community aligns to the bigger vision of JC. I am interested in partnering to assess the needs of community and how my services can be of help to others. This world needs healing, love and empowerment after all.

My Photo brands me and my business. Many of my marketing offerings will show a butterfly for transformations!

Contact Details:

28 Cannonade Drive

Marlboro, NJ 07746