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What services do we provide?

Hudson County Saints Youth Football & Cheer Organization enables young athletes to excel in athletics while emphasizing a strong commitment to education, respect and integrity.

Our focus is on helping our youth build character, sportsmanship, self-confidence and learn responsibility and teamwork in a positive and competitive environment while gaining a strong sense of community. H.C.S.Y.F.C.O. provides a structured, safe and secure environment for the children to learn these life skills.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Hudson County Saints Youth Football and Cheer Organization as an organization?

The concept of health is not only physical, but it is mental as well. Building the body without changing mindsets to believe in themselves will not work; this is a job that goes hand in hand. Exercising the body and increasing a child’s self-esteem will allow the next generation to explore the possibilities of greatness and not just allow the urban mentality to take fruition. It is the “I can do this” belief that will instill in these the children the dream of greatness.

Youth Football and Cheer

Contact Details:

99 Rutgers Ave

Jersey City, NJ 07305