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About Our Partnership with Frank R. Conwell Rooftop Garden - Gardening

What services do we provide?

Our rooftop garden creates an experiential outdoor learning laboratory with opportunity for investigation and study. It inspires a higher level of student engagement in the learning process, and encourages students to become involved in cooperative community projects. Our school garden fosters a deep connection between students and the natural world. Our ultimate goal is to enrich the lives of our inner city students by cultivating education in public health, nutrition and the environment.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Frank R. Conwell Rooftop Garden as an organization?

Building a Culture of Health includes not only physical, but social, emotional, & mental health. At Frank R. Conwell MS # 4, we believe the overall well being of every child is is a crucial part of the learning process. We use the rooftop garden to teach kids where the food we eat comes from which leads to better nutritional choices. We also use the garden to promote mental and physical health by hosting transcendental meditation, and breathing workshops for our students.

Contact Details:

107 Bright Street

Jersey City, NJ, NJ 07302