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About Our Partnership with

What services do we provide?

Our school provides children in grades K-8 with Health and Physical Education classes. Twice a week students participate in PE class where they learn sport specific skills and games while building their fitness levels. Once a week students meet for Health class where they learn how to live a long prosperous life by implementing different strategies into their lifestyles.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to BelovED Community Charter School as an organization?

Building a culture of Health in Jersey City is important to our organization because we recognize that within education, "Health" class is the only class where students are learning all about themselves. Within this class students learn all about how they can increase their overall happiness by improving their health in the mental, social, and physical components. This is important because through teaching children these components at a young age they can go out and help to create a better world

This picture shows a group of 1st graders playing a game of flag tag during their Physical Education class. This game is a great way to build coordination as well as cardiovascular endurance which will help to create an overall healthier child.

Contact Details:

508 Grand St

Jersey City , NJ 07302