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What services do we provide?

Write to the Goal is a non-profit organization putting on the program of Jersey City Write on Sports, which is a two week literacy program designed to inspire middle school students to improve their critical thinking and creative writing skills through sports journalism. Using the theme of sports, combined with the skills of journalism, the students, in a college classroom setting, will be taught how to research, write, and produce sports feature stories, blog posts, and video interviews.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Write to the Goal, Inc. as an organization?

Those who have an ability to act, have a responsibility to do so and this is a time when people from all sectors must come together and ensure that Jersey City children do not lose services due to state budget cuts. The program will provide Jersey City middle school students an opportunity to dream bigger as they improve their writing, reading, and communication skills, with the goal of better preparing students for higher education and being well-rounded members of the community.

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312 Speer Avenue

Clifton, NJ 07013