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About Our Partnership with West Side Community Alliance - Community Improvements

What services do we provide?

Yoga in the park (spring/summer), June-October weekly Farmers Market, Children’s craft and musical activities in Lincoln Park, communication of local activities and events to our 1,500+ residential email list.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to West Side Community Alliance as an organization?

The west side of Jersey City has a 40% population that walks and takes public transit to provide for their daily needs. There are limited supermarket options and two of the three are constantly reported for expired food products. The farmers market offers fresh, healthy options that cannot be found locally otherwise. Offering yoga and last year, Tai-chi, with the JC Parks Coalition brings out lots of residents to the park that then enjoy the outdoors. We would like to encourage more seniors.

Contact Details:

111 Gifford Avenue

Jersey City, NJ 07304