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About Our Partnership with Waldo Community Cat Feeders - Cat rescue

What services do we provide?

The Waldo Community Cat Feeders was established almost ten years ago to care for a group of stray cats who had congregated on an abandoned area of land at the end of Waldo Ave adjacent to the PATH tracks by Jade Vazquez. Jade build shelters & TNRd the cats. In 2021 Jade succumbed to cancer, and a dedicated group of neighborhood volunteers took over responsibilities for caring for the community cats. The cats get fresh water, dry and wet food 365 days a year and receive medical care as necessary.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Waldo Community Cat Feeders as an organization?

Health means caring about yourself and those around you, including those that cannot care for themselves. By caring for and bringing neighborhood awareness to the Waldo Community Cats, who have resided in this neighborhood for many years, we are fostering a Culture of Health. By performing spay and neuter surgeries, then ensuring the cats are fed and not suffering from any medical afflictions we can also humanely control the stray population of Jersey City, keeping the neighborhood healthy.

Contact Details:

130 Chestnut Avenue, Apt 2

Jersey City, NJ 07306