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About Our Partnership with

What services do we provide?

Child Care (NJCK, ECC, FCC/FFN, Food Program, Provider Training, CPR/First Aid Training, Consumer Education CCR&R, Grow NJ Kids, Family Engagement), Senior Services (GSS, JACC, Supervised Visitation), Youth & Education Services (Hudson County Counsel for Young Children, Power-Up & Youth Coding After School Programs, Summer Youth Program, Out Reach To At Risk Youth, Adolescent & Life Skill, Grand Mothers & Adopt A Parent, In Home Counseling), Affordable Care Act

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Urban League of Hudson County Inc. as an organization?

Building a culture of health in Jersey City means improving the lives and well-being of all within the city. Unified by actions that helps us help each other whether financially, holistically, physically, mentally, or spiritually we will be drawn to passions and needs that connect with the ULOHC’s mission statement of “Empowering Communities and Changing Lives”.

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Contact Details:

253 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Jersey City, NJ 07305