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About Our Partnership with The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery - Community relaxation

What services do we provide?

Harsimus Cemetery has several programs that are inviting to the community.

Every spring the 4H club starts their vegetable garden and invites all the kids to join and learn how to start their own garden.

Our 2-year-old Bee Ariary was started but a young woman from McNair High School. Simran now's give demonstration to the public.

Feminist Bird Club also has been giving tours for the last 2 years to the local community

What does building a Culture of Health mean to The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery as an organization?

At the Harsimus Cemetery we invite the community to wander our peaceful grounds and discover the rich Jersey City history. During the Spring we have concerts, movies, events that encourage the community to come and enjoy the outside environment.

Contact Details:

435 Newark Ave

Jersey City, NJ 07302