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What services do we provide?

The Flow Initiative's mission is to achieve menstrual equity for girls, women, and people who menstruate. Through programs, partnerships, and policy, the mission comes to life and reinforces The Flow Initiative as a national leader in period poverty.

We envision a world where menstrual equity for all is possible. A world where we can protect girls, women, and menstruators from a lack of access to period products. Finally, a world where we have eradicated the neglect surrounding menstruation.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to The Flow Initiative as an organization?

Identifying areas that are not addressed and work toward creating a wholeness in the cultural health of Jersey City. For The Flow Initiative that looks like partnering with other organizations doing extraordinary work and complementing their work by ensuring access to menstrual products. Access to menstrual products should be a part of the work that is performed by all agencies, because at least 50% of the population in Jersey City menstruates.

Save a  Few, Eiko La Boria and Stacey Flanagan

Contact Details:

321 Route 440, Ste. 3 # 130

Jersey City, NJ 07305