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About Our Partnership with

What services do we provide?

We are a wellness studio with heat and salt therapy advocating for wellness for all. We do this by navigating with community first and staying an affordable, inclusive facility. We are vocal about being a black, latin, LGBTQ and disabled veteran owned business as we know the importance of representation. We also have a retail space inside the facility where we sell Athleisure, infrared sauna blankets and host a myrid of community events/collaborations.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to SW3AT as an organization?

We have been on a mission to build a culture of health in JC since 2015. A strong track record of community engagement and commitment to wellness, Tamiah & I started SW3AT with that same vision. Understanding the financial challenges faced in marginalized communities, they were one of the first participants in the container incubator on MLK drive in an effort to go directly to the people. They gave 50% off all services to any resident that lived in underserved areas of JC.

This is one of our private suites in our downtown Jersey City location.

Contact Details:

172 Newark Ave 3rd Fl

Jersey City, NJ 07302