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About Our Partnership with

What services do we provide?

Bilingual services include:
Case Management after discharge incarceration and/or rehabilitation.
Coordinated care to assist with employment, housing, expungement processes, education and paid apprenticeship programs.

Building social and familial support.

Weekly, face-to-face mentorship

We are a mobile team that can travel to the person interested in services, regardless of where located in the State of New Jersey.

We are flexible but BY APPOINTMENT. Please call Priscilla Carmona.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to SCORES, LLC as an organization?

Incarceration and substance abuse addiction significantly impacts those who experience it and disproportionately impacts low- income people of color. By ensuring that individuals have a right to employment, education and services, the risk of relapse and return to incarceration is decreased tremendously. This further promotes a healthy lifestyle and overall culture and well being for those affected and their family members. We are called to protect the social justice and human rights of all.

Here at SCORES, LLC, we are proud of service Jersey City and those in the State of NJ. We believe in the power of second chances.

Contact Details:

665 Ocean Avenue***

Jersey City, NJ 07305