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About Our Partnership with

What services do we provide?

Safe Streets JC targets 2 of the grant’s focus areas - Community Safety & Open Spaces, and Health Education. We provide education to the public, the County, City and our Elected leaders on how to greatly reduce traffic injuries and eliminate fatalities, & draw attention to best practices that have been effectively employed. These practices include “Complete Streets” road design tools, the importance of speed reduction, equitable enforcement practices, and the hazards of illegal parking.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Safe Streets JC as an organization?

We believe that encouraging and promoting walking, biking and mass transit use over driving whenever possible will encourage healthy mobility choices for residents’ individual health, and also improve our air quality by reducing the number of cars on our roads Lastly, we want to see the city greatly expand mass transit, and safe biking and walking infrastructure city-wide so that the many underserved areas of our city may benefit from better, safer, healthier, and cleaner mobility options.

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Contact Details:

344 Grove St. Ste 256

Jersey CIty, NJ 07302