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About Our Partnership with Neelima Sapre - Animal Welfare - Cat Colony Management

What services do we provide?

I manage the care and feeding of outdoor community cat colonies in Jersey City. I provide daily food and outdoor shelter. I provide veterinary care when a colony cat is sick or injured, and provide palliative or hospice care for elderly colony cats in my home when needed. I TNR any new unfixed cats who join the colonies in my care.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Neelima Sapre as an organization?

A Culture of Health in Jersey City that includes humane consideration for our community cats and wildlife is an ideal I advocate for everyday. We are all better off if we can peacefully coexist with outdoor animals, and reduce their suffering whenever possible. When they suffer, we also suffer, so it's healthier for all of us to help them whenever we can.

Contact Details:

2725 John F Kennedy Blvd

Jersey City, NJ 07306