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About Our Partnership with Mahatma Gandhi Community School, PS 23 - community schools, education

What services do we provide?

We are the first Full Service Community School in Jersey City. We are a public elementary school that offers full medical and behavioral health services. Students are able to see various doctors (optical, dental, pediatric, nutrition, counseling) on-site during school hours to limit interruptions in parents work schedules and students core subjects.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Mahatma Gandhi Community School, PS 23 as an organization?

Culture of Health means that we have a focus on both physical and mental health and wellness for all stakeholder groups in our community. Culture of Health means that overall health and wellness remain a priority and with continued education, programming, and events, we are able to ensure a healthy community.

PS 23

Contact Details:

143 Romaine Ave

Jersey City, NJ 07306