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What services do we provide?

The Jersey City West Indian Caribbean-American Carnival Association (JCWICACA) hosts an annual Parade/Carnival/ Festival. The festival activities include Health Screenings and Education, features Children's activities, authentic ethnic cuisine and nothing but fun for the whole family. Join us to experience the Caribbean right here in Jersey City!
JCWICACA also hosts an annual Business Conference at City Hall featuring topics like finances, taxes, maintaining healthy stores, insurance, etc.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Jersey City West Indian Caribbean-American Carnival Association as an organization?

Building a culture of health means uniting the diverse Caribbean West Indian community in Jersey City to showcase our rich culture with other ethnic communities. By communing and sharing with others, we learn from one another, socialize together, and build a #HealthierJC together.

Carnival 2019

Contact Details:

270 Clerk Street

Jersey City, NJ 07304