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About Our Partnership with

What services do we provide?

The Division of Injury Prevention works to reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths in Jersey City. We work with partners to implement, promote, and evaluate strategies and programs.

Key initiatives:

Violence Prevention

Mental Health First Aid - Register at

Community Healing - Trauma Recovery

Vision Zero

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Jersey City Dept. of Health & Human Services as an organization?

Building a city where people are equipped to settle disputes without violence, and where all residents have access to healthy and peaceful activities.

Artists: Dude Panteado, Catherine Hart & Jersey City Summer Works Fine Are Students (2017). The artists wanted to express enter into their innermost world of emotions & thoughts about the human toll taken by gun violence.

Contact Details:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. City Hall Annex, 1 Jackson Square

Jersey City, NJ 07305