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About Our Partnership with Henry Snyder High School Alumni Association - Organizational

What services do we provide?

We sponsor activities and create initiatives on an on going basis to address the needs of the school, students and alums. We would like to be able develop and staff other programs like mentoring and counseling for students in need of those types of interventions.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Henry Snyder High School Alumni Association as an organization?

Building a culture of health for us means being able to identify and develop ways and programs to address the most pressing issues facing families, especially those children who are of school age, high school students in particular. There is a tremendous need to address the mental health of young people, a key factor in the well being of the future of this state and our country. There are so many ills of society today that people are dealing with that it's hard to pin point any specific solutio

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Contact Details:

PO Box 4051

Jersey City, NJ 07304