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About Our Partnership with Harborview Senior Apartments - Health and Wellness

What services do we provide?

The programs the RN and community health worker provide are COVID/Flu vaccination clinics/ prevention education, weekly blood pressure clinic, assisted devices training, managing and preventing chronic conditions (diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension), fall prevention, building fire safety, meditation, mental health programs and fun events to get residents to socialize and prevent loneliness. This program works to allow seniors to continue living independently and avoiding hospitalization.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Harborview Senior Apartments as an organization?

The residents of our community are a vulnerable population in more ways than one. They are low-income seniors, and many have multiple chronic conditions. For our residents building a culture of health in JC would mean educating them about the prevention and management of chronic conditions. Also, getting them to be more pro-active about their health, asking questions and following up with their providers.

Residents participating in weekly exercise program.

Contact Details:

145 Ocean Avenue

Jersey City , NJ 07305