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About Our Partnership with Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association - Neighborhood Association

What services do we provide?

Our mission is to serve the interests and needs of residents by promoting a cleaner and safer neighborhood, uniting residents in common causes, cooperating with city government, acting as a sounding board for the opinions of residents, representing local residents at city meetings, and serving the interests of the citizenry of downtown Jersey City.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association as an organization?

A Culture of Health is integral to our organization as seen by all our events. HPNA hosts: the Hamilton Park Farmers Market which makes fresh fruit, vegetables available, public meetings on a variety of subjects including sustainability, pollution, and education, to name a few, and family events such as Movies in the Park. Each contributes to the health of our neighbors whether it is physical, education, or mental health.

Contact Details:

344 Grove Street, PMG #166

Jersey City, NJ 007302