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About Our Partnership with Gina Davison Cat Rescue - animal rescue, rehabilitation and TNR

What services do we provide?

We work to improve the lives of community cats in Jersey City. We aim to reduce public health and safety concerns for residents (and their pets) by controlling the population and overall health of feral cats in our city.
This organization cares for local cat colonies south of McGinley Square, including trapping cats who are sick, injured, or in need of spay/neuter. We also socialize and adopt out friendly cats and kittens.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Gina Davison Cat Rescue as an organization?

Our goal is to provide compassion and care to vulnerable animals who depend on us for survival. These animals also bring joy to our lives, and keep the vermin population down in our city. They deserve our protection. A healthy and functional community is only as strong as the care it provides to it's most at-risk members.

Contact Details:

4 Beacon Way, Apt 18

Jersey City, NJ 07304