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About Our Partnership with Garden State Community Development Corp - Homeless Services

What services do we provide?

Homeless Coordinate Entry program, emergency shelter, homeless outreach, case management, permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless individuals, Rapid Rehousing for homeless, supportive housing vouchers for homeless, Homeless Drop In Centers in Jersey City and Union City, Rapid Rehousing for homeless domestic violence households, affordable housing development, low income rental housing

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Garden State Community Development Corp as an organization?

Building a culture of Health in Jersey City is important to GSCDC in several ways: Employee Health: treatment of our staff; Consumer Health: healthfulness and safety of all our services that are provided to our homeless consumers; Community Health: health and safety efforts in all our locations of providing services to all our consumers; Environmental Health: impact of all our program operations on the immediate and extended environment.

Contact Details:

1901 West Street

Union City, NJ 07087