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About Our Partnership with

What services do we provide?

FOL works to ensure the widest possible enjoyment of, and benefit from the Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre. We present diverse & affordable programming, host community events, facilitate programming by local arts organizations, & co-sponsor informational events such as health fairs. FOL also provides opportunities for community members to have hands on volunteer involvement in both theatre operations and the ongoing historic preservation of one of the most significant landmarks in NJ.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Friends of the Loew's, Inc. as an organization?

Good health is absolutely fundamental to all the things FOL works to ensure people find in the Loew's Jersey: fun, excitement, good times with friends and family, a sense of enlightenment, feelings of wonder. The Loew's is also a shared experience that should span generations -- children being taken to see a show by grandparents who went to the Loew's when they were young. Building a Culture of Health in Jersey City means that more families can build such memories across the decades.

Showing the exterior of the Loew's

Contact Details:

54 Journal Square

Jersey City, NJ 07306