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About Our Partnership with

What services do we provide?

The Friends of Speer has a goal to provide a historical green space for the Jersey City community and beyond. We’re trying to raise funds in order to repair broken/fallen headstones. We planted an array of pollinating flowers for our bee hives to represent the diversity of Jersey City. Another goal is to provide a safe space for the Monarch and their larvae. We would also like to start programs with students involving both the history and future of this city, state, country and planet.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Friends of Speer Inc as an organization?

The culture of health, I believe, is living your life in a way that will prevent you from having to go to the doctor. This can be done by feeding both your body healthy foods and exercise as well as giving your mind healthy input leaving an individual in their best condition. While going to the doctor is necessary to make sure everything is in its right working order, living a healthy life will usually always be the best method to being productive.

Azaleas blooming at Speer’s

Contact Details:

145 Vroom Street

Jersey City, NJ 07306