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About Our Partnership with

What services do we provide?

We engage young people with arts based programs that connect creativity with critical thinking in order to stimulate personal growth and academic achievement by making their learning more meaningful.

Our programs are grounded in experiential learning theory and have evolved over four decades of research, implementation and refinement.

Our offerings are highly customized to meet the needs of each school and curriculum and are modified for different age groups.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Educational Arts Team as an organization?

We believes in a world in which all children have the opportunity to think, create, reflect, and be heard within a community of engaged learners. Speaking and listening are fundamental to children’s development and future success; they are the foundation for learning, play and social interaction. Unfortunately, many young people, especially those from low income families, bring a limited vocabulary to school; we believe in a culture that combats this trend.

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300 Morris Pesin Drive

Jersey City, NJ 07305