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About Our Partnership with

What services do we provide?

At Chaplain Charles Watter School - PS 24 in Jersey City, we offer a wide range of programs and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students. These include academic enrichment programs, extracurricular activities, counseling services, special education programs, and community engagement initiatives aimed at fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all students.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Chaplain Charles Watters-PS 24 as an organization?

Building a Culture of Health at Chaplain Charles Watter School - PS 24 in Jersey City means creating an environment where the well-being and holistic development of students, staff, and the community are prioritized. This includes promoting physical health through access to nutritious food, physical activity opportunities, and healthcare services. It also involves supporting mental and emotional well-being through programs that address stress management, emotional resilience, and positive social

Students organized a food drive and prepared baksets for our less fortunate students

Contact Details:

220 Virginia Ave

Jersey City, NJ 07304