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About Our Partnership with

What services do we provide?

Emergency Department
Baritric Surgery
Cancer Health
Primary Care
Heart and Vascular Surgery
HIV Support Services
Mental Health
Respiratory Care
Sleep Center
Substance Abuse
Transitional Care Unit
Wound Care

What does building a Culture of Health mean to CarePoint Health System as an organization?

Building a Culture of Health in Jersey City means EVERYTHING! There are many underserved community members and Seniors who would benefit from wellness education opportunities and greater access to the important care that's needed to live a healthier life. Working together as a community we can help make the necessary changes that are needed while building trust leading to greater opportunities for our AMAZING residents in Jersey City. This partnership and Grant Opportunities will enable this!

#1 Most equitable system in the county

Contact Details:

308 Willow Ave 07030

Hoboken, NJ 07030