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About Our Partnership with

What services do we provide?

Liberty Humane Society is the only non profit animal shelter and the largest animal service provider in Hudson County. Our Animal Response Team (ART) provides animal rescue and control services to Jersey City. Through our shelter, we care for and re-home thousands of animals each year and provide low-cost assistance to pet owners seeking help with their pets. Our low-cost pet Wellness Clinic and spay/neuter programs strive to bring affordable preventative services to local residents.

What does building a Culture of Health mean to Liberty Humane Society as an organization?

The health of local animal populations have a direct impact on human quality of life. Interacting with companion animals lowers blood pressure and stress in people, and can encourage individuals to lead more active lifestyles. Helping keep our wild and domestic animal populations monitored and healthy contributes to a compassionate, more humane existence for everyone.

A photo of two men sitting on the sidewalk outside of Liberty Humane Society while their newly adopted dog Yandi licks their faces.

Contact Details:

235 Jersey City Boulevard

Jersey City , NJ 07305