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Maternal and Child Health2018-05-02T18:30:34-04:00
Overall Goal
Increase resident awareness of best practices in maternal and child health. Efficient JC WIC caseload management, provide breastfeeding support and decrease childhood obesity.


According to the NJ Department of Health, the teen birth rate in Hudson County is nearly double (42.8 per 1,000) the NJ rate (24.4 per 1,000). Additionally, women in Hudson County are less likely to receive prenatal care in the first trimester (66.4%) compared to all NJ women (75.6%). This disparity in the level of adequate prenatal care may be the reason that Hudson County has the 2nd highest percentage of live births with low birth weight in NJ.

According to the County Health Rankings report, Hudson County has the 2nd-highest percentage of children living in poverty. The APA posits that families that are poor, are people of color, or have children with other disabilities or health concerns have an especially difficult time getting services that would identify, prevent or treat mental health problems. The American Academy of Family Physicians describes poverty as an “insidious, self-perpetuating problem that affects generations of families…Life expectancy, learning abilities, health behaviors, and risks for developing disease are affected by poverty, as are educational, work, and lifestyle opportunities.” (

According to the NJ Dept of Health & Senior Services FFY 2016 second quarter distribution of WIC estimated eligible Constituents Report there are 10,592 estimated eligible clients for the Jersey City WIC Program of which 10,356 (97.77%) were served.

On average, approximately 5.3% of infants (0-5 months) are exclusively breast fed.

According to NJDHSS March 31, 2016 Quarterly Nutritional Risk Factors at Certification by Status Report, 3.6% of Children were Obese.

Action Steps & Success Indicators by 2019

Action Step 1

JC WIC- Caseload Management – Conduct ongoing follow up for individuals who miss check pickup and recertification appointments for rescheduling and efficient caseload management.

Success indicator

JC WIC enrollment will be assessed by NJDHHS re: Distribution of WIC estimated eligible constituents

Action Step 2

Low-income families receiving SNAP aid will have increased access to healthy nutritional options at locations throughout the city. JC WIC – Provide breastfeeding support to moms, and in-home visits to c-section delivery moms.

Success indicator

The JC Double Bucks Incentive Program for SNAP recipients will be expanded to all Farmers Markets in Jersey City. Breastfeeding rates will be determined by the NJDHHS Formula Supplementation of Breastfed Infants Report

Action Step 3

JC WIC – Combat childhood obesity through strong nutrition programming. Conduct surveys at cert & recertification of WIC children; record dietary & beverage intake; evaluate & determine future goals with child to combat child obesity.

Success indicator

Childhood obesity will decrease due to greater healthy food access and JC WIC interventions.

Action Step 4

Incentivize WIC moms with bibs, baby blankets, and other materials while breastfeeding.

Success indicator

Evaluation of 40 children, ages 3-4.5 years old whose weight is in the 95th percentile or higher. Anthropometric data will be collected every 6 months for weight change. CPA will analyze the time spent using electronics compared to physical activity. Data will be analyzed to gauge success.