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Featured Mini-Grantee | Journal Square Special Improvement District (JSSID) Green Market

2024-06-28T18:57:33-04:00June 27th, 2024|

Fresh Produce for Journal Square Neighborhoods

The Journal Square Special Improvement District (JSSID) partnered with Port Authority of NY&NJ to transform the underused space of Journal Square Path Plaza into a neighborhood market to purchase fresh, organic, and locally grown, in-season produce.  In operation for over two decades, the Journal Square Green Market has grown to be recognized as a diverse community marketplace, bringing together farmers, artisans and local entrepreneurs in a urban setting that receives approximately 56,000 commuters from across the greater metropolitan area daily. 

In recent years, the Journal Square community has experienced a significant construction boom, resulting in the physical relocation of the Journal Square Green Market within a span of two years. This frequent movement has posed several difficulties for our vendors, visitors, and the overall success of the market.

the JSSID Journal Square Green Market

 The JSSID believes that a Culture of Health means providing the community with fresh locally grown produce that improves physical and mental health. And the Journal Square Green Market venue provides a safe and engaging environment for exploration, interaction and commerce to promote overall community wellbeing. 

JSSID also understands that catering to the basic needs of the low income neighborhood population is paramount to the ongoing vitality of the Journal Square Green Market. Each season an anchor farm merchant is selected that accepts all forms of payment, which includes, SNAP/EBT, SFMNP, WIC and JC Double Bucks to ensure that low income residents are able to spend nutritional program dollars. These residents include veterans, women, minorities, and senior individuals in Ward C.

Over the years, HealthierJC has nurtured the partnership between JSSID and the Port Authority of NY & NJ, highlighting how the combined efforts of these organizations can drive positive health outcomes in Jersey City. To optimize the impact of the Journal Square Green Market, HealthierJC has collaborated with JSSID to develop and host educational events, workshops, and food demonstrations that promote healthier lifestyles and making better nutritional choices.

How was the Mini-Grant Used?

The HealthierJC mini-grant was fundamentally used to support the Journal Square Green Market, which ran every Tuesday from 12 pm to 6 pm, from May thru November 2023.  To combat the confusion of varying market locations in past years, market visibility was heightened through the acquisition and display of a prominent 30’x3 ft’ banner at the JSQ Path Plaza. The banner purchased using the mini-grant, combined with complementary JSSID marketing effectively increased both community awareness and reversed a decline in market visitor traffic. 

Throughout the 2023 market season, mini-grant funds were also used to implement free parking for all participating Journal Square Green Market vendors.  This accommodation mitigated vendor logistical concerns and increased the level and breadth of vendor participation.  In addition, JSSID worked in conjunction with HealthierJC to foster collaborations with local universities and organizations, who conducted food demonstrations with complimentary market vendor samples and educated the community on making healthy eating choices. 

Making a Difference …

With resilient determination and collaborative efforts, the JSSID joined forces with the Port Authority of NJ & NJ to breathe new life into the Green Market, finding a suitable location, despite the upheaval caused by construction in the area.
—Maryanne Kelleher, Director, Partnership for a HealthierJC.

She said that the journey showcased not only the JSSID’s dedication to creating a positive impact but also the power of collaborative partnerships in overcoming obstacles, fostering community growth, and nurturing a sense of unity and well-being among residents.

For more information, visit the Journal Square Green Market.