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Featured Mini-Grantee | Jersey City Parks Coalition (JCPC)

2024-06-27T19:23:30-04:00June 13th, 2024|

Improving Wellness through Open Spaces

Founded in 2005, the Jersey City Parks Coalition (JCPC) is a private, non-profit that assists in the development and maintenance of parks and public spaces throughout the city.

The mission of the Jersey City Parks Coalition is to empower residents to develop, renovate, use and maintain community greenspace to revitalize neighborhoods and uplift the communal human spirit.

+ Jersey City Parks Coalition

Jersey City Parks Coalition believes that building a Culture of Health means encouraging residents and visitors of all abilities and ages to participate in arts, music, low-impact recreation, and physical activities in Jersey City parks and open spaces.

Over the years, HealthierJC has collaborated with and supported free Jersey City Parks Coalition programs that provide opportunities to engage in a broad range of activities that promote wellness, health equity, and fellowship. These factors are fundamental to building a Culture of Health within all Jersey City wards and communities.

How was the Mini-Grant Used?

The HealthierJC mini-grant, enabled Jersey City Parks Coalition to offer several free programs to Jersey City residents in 2023. 

  • Through the BIG DIG 2023 planting program, 589 free tulip, daffodil, and allium bulbs were distributed and planted in partnership with kindred community groups to all six wards.
  • Sound Bath Meditation workshops were conducted for seniors at multiple park locations. In these workshops, participants are taken on a voice-guided, nature inspired meditative journey, where visualization and sound-healing instruments are used to heal mind, body, and spirit.
  • In collaboration with Friends of Triangle Ferris, Nimbus Dance Works hosted a Dance Jam PopUp Workshop in Ferris Triangle Park. Additionally, Nimbus Dance Works created and led a number of kid-focused dance workshops that were designed with outdoor settings in mind.
  • The Green Youth & Nature Program was introduced for kids ages 2 to 15 and their caregivers in partnership with Kemper Sports and the Hudson County Skyway Park Golf Course. Participants toured the Hackensack River and the Skyway golf course in Lincoln Park West.  The tour featured STEM activities where attendees met with golf course mechanics and staff to learn how math, science, and technology are utilized for golf course maintenance. And both young and old were invited to take part in nature-inspired crafts like rock painting to adorn the Native Plant Garden.

The Jersey City Parks Coalition organized these 2023 events at the following open spaces: Arlington Park, Leonard Gordon Park, Harsimus Cemetery, Washington Park, Hamilton Park, Gateway Park, McDuffy Park, Washington Park, Liberty State Park, Arlington Park, West Park, West Village, Boyd McGuiness Park, Ferris Triangle Park, Riverview Park, Canco Park, Arlington Park, and VanVorst Park.

More than 500 Jersey City residents attended these events, including minorities, women, veterans, seniors, individuals with disabilities, autistic children, low-income residents, and LGBTQ+ persons from all wards

Making a Difference…

“The Jersey City Parks Coalition has developed a perfect synthesis of open spaces in the service of healthy living. Physical activity and a love of nature combine to create an environment where all members of the community can thrive.”
—Marianne  Kelleher, Director,
Partnership for a HealthierJC.

Kelleher noted that collaboration is a key factor in creating a culture of health. JCPC partnered with a number of community groups, including senior and cultural centers and sports and recreation organizations to accomplish its mission.

“The words ‘partnership” and ‘coalition’ epitomize the teamwork and cooperation that HealthierJC wants to foster.”

For more information, visit Jersey City Parks Coalition.