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Jersey City Housing Authority2018-11-15T12:33:00-05:00

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The Jersey City Housing Authority (JCHA) is the second largest Housing Authority in the State and houses approximately 1,800low-income households within nine (9) public housing developments and 126 low-income households within two (2) non-federal affordable housing sites.

Health disparities between minorities & low-income populationsand non-minority & higher income groups have beenthoroughly documented and stark differencesexist in the quality of and access to healthcare.

As the largest affordable housing owner/landlord in the City of Jersey City, the JCHA is uniquely positioned to help inform residents of new health, nutritional and recreational initiatives and resources made available through outreach campaigns and promoted online through the Partnership for a Healthier Jersey City website.

The JCHA, in collaboration withthe Jersey City WIC, is interested in increasing resident awareness of best practices in Maternal and Child Health with the goal of combating childhood obesity through strong nutritional education and greater access to healthier food choices.

More information about the JCHA can be obtained by visiting our website at

What “Building a Culture of Health” means to the JCHA as an organization

“Building a Culture of Health” means ensuring thatall of our residents –adults, children, elderly and disabled – are knowledgeable about and have access to a variety of healthcare resources and options.